The J-Rod accessories are a strong and versatile mounting solution for professional visual journalists and videographers. Please take a look below to see which J-Rod Mount is right for you.

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J-Rod Super Strong Twin Mount for the Sony EX1, EX1R, & EX3 replaces the mic clamp on your video camera. The "Super Strong Twin" mic mount allows you to mount a microphone in a shock mount and a radio receiver. It is made of solid aluminum, is incredibly strong, and weighs less than 1 ounce. If you ever break it I will send you a replacement!

Please note: The holes in this mount are for the Sony EX camera line only

Each Super Strong Twin is $45

       A rubber band shock mount is required to

     use a microphone on The J-Rod-See below

The Original J-Rod Twin Shoe

is designed to work with the mic clamp on all video cameras. Having 2 shoe mounts it allows a microphone and a radio receiver to be mounted on the J-Rod. This will leave your camera shoe open for a light, hard disc, or extra receiver. The Twin Mount will fit in any video camera microphone clamp.

Each J-Rod Twin Mount is $70


LCD Screen Protection Film measures 4.5 inches diagonally.

These are perfect to protect your camera or smartphone LCD screen. The protectors are contrast enhancing, anti-scratch, dust proof and waterproof. Film may be cut to size with a scissor. Won’t leave behind any sticky residue.

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The J-CUBE  is perfect for the visual journalist that utilizes a DSLR or compact video camera. Designed for any camera with or without a mic clamp, The J-CUBE mounts to the shoe mount and gives 3 mounting locations for a microphone and 2 additional accessories. The weight of a mic, audio recorder, & receiver is the same as a Canon Speedlight.

Each J-CUBE is $80

Pro Shoe to 1/4-20 adapter is a useful tool for many mounting solutions. You will be able to mount any device with a 1/4-20 threaded socket onto your camera shoe, or the shoe mount on any J-Rod. Microphone  shock mounts, audio recorders, radio receivers, field monitors, and even another camera! This adapter is the base mount for The J-CUBE, so you know it is strong. 

“Your CUBE is beautifully designed for compact usefulness and maximum utilization of purpose with high quality materials and “superior” strength for what it offers.  Its quality, stylish semi-retro look is wonderful and significantly enhances the appearance and usefulness of my camera.  Considering the quantity of competing products out there, you’ve done a great job with this one!”

Azden Rubber Band Shock Mount is a universal shock-mount shotgun microphone holder designed to keep the microphone "out of the shot" by moving it away from the camera body & lens. The base of the holder has a “hot shoe” and is also tapped to allow the attachment to stands. The offset design means it can be tuned around to move the mic back 2” to keep the shot clean.

Each Shock Mount is $41.95

The Original J-Rod Video Accessory Mount, J-Rod Super Strong Twin Mount and CUBE are Patent Pending

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A rubber band shock mount is required to

use a microphone on The J-Rod-See below

        A rubber band shock mount is required to

     use a microphone on The J-Rod-See below

Female Pro Shoe adapter is a cold shoe that you can mount anywhere using the 1/4-20 universal thread on the bottom. The FM ProShoe comes with a 1/4-20 stud and an aluminum thumb nut. This is a useful tool for many mounting solutions including microphone  shock mounts, audio recorders, radio receivers, field monitors, and flashes and lights! This is the shoe mount for The J-CUBE, made from 1 piece of solid aluminum anodized black with a spring clip. 

Sescom 3.5mm Line to Mic DSLR Cable with 25dB Attenuation and Headphone Monitoring Tap for Zoom H4N and Zoom H1. Designed for portable digital audio recorders and mic preamps with a single output jack. This jack is typically used for headphone monitoring or connecting to a DSLR audio input for recording. The LN2MIC-ZMH4-MON Y-Splitter cable allows you to do both monitoring and recording from a single output jack. It also features a -25dB L Pad attenuator on both audio channels to reduce the Line Level output (-10dBV) to your camera's mic input sweet spot level. It's the perfect mating cable for Zoom and Edirol recorders when connecting to a DSLR camera but also works great for other similar mic preamps and DSLR cameras that require 25db of attenuation (see list below)

Each DSLR audio cable is $42.95


  1. Audio Input Level: -10dBV (0.25pp - 0.47pp) Line Level

  2. Input Impedance: 1.5K ohms

  3. Audio Output Level: Approx. 14mV

  4. Output Impedance: 92 ohms

  5. Compatibile with the following DSLR cameras:

    1. Canon: EOS-1D Mark IV, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D, EOS 550D Rebel T2i, EOS 60D

    2. Nikon: D3S, D300S

    3. Pentax: K-7