The J-Rod Video Accessory Mounting System

The Original J-Rod Twin Shoe is designed to work with the mic clamp on all video cameras. Compact cameras with a microphone clamp benefit most since they have limited mounting points. Giving you 2 shoe mounts The J-Rod allows a microphone and a radio receiver to be mounted on the J-Rod. This will leave your camera shoe open for a light, hard disc, or extra receiver. The Twin Mount will fit in any video camera microphone clamp.

Each J-Rod Twin Mount is $70

       A rubber band shock mount is required to

     use a microphone on The J-Rod-See below

Azden Rubber Band Shock Mount is a universal shock-mount shotgun microphone holder designed to keep the microphone "out of the shot" by moving it away from the camera body & lens. The base of the holder has a “hot shoe” and is also tapped to allow the attachment to stands. The offset design means it can be tuned around to move the mic back 2” to keep the shot clean.

Each Shock Mount is $41.95   

Using the Original J-Rod Twin allows the microphone to be moved back up to 4 inches to keep the shot clear, even with a wide lens or wind sock on the mic!

The Original J-Rod Video Accessory Mount, J-Rod Super Strong Twin Mount and CUBE are Patent Pending